Kuna Mora Road Shoe Mystery

The Kuna Mora Road Shoe Mystery is a 2.5 mile stretch of lonely highway SE of Boise where dozens and dozens of shoes rest on top of fence posts. Perhaps as many as a hundred, or more. They have been there as long as most people can remember. No one knows, or at least, will admit to knowing where they come from, who puts them there, or why.

A recent article on KTVB explored the issue but despite their valiant efforts failed to dig up an explanation. 

The stretch of shoes extends about 2.5 miles. The first image below is a global view, showing Boise in the upper left, and the yellow marker being where the mystery exists. To say this stretch of road is in the middle of NoWhere would be an understatement. The second image shows the exact location that the mystery shoes occur. 




Today I snapped a few photos of the shoes. I’m thinking of going back out there and walk the 2.5 miles with my camera to capture all of them and who knows, maybe start an art exhibit or something.

The gallery below is only a few of the shoes. There truly are many, many more. After you view the shoes, come back for my explanations.


Kuna Mora Road Shoe Mystery Facts:

  • The shoes appear between two gun ranges. At the east Black’s Creek Public Shooting Range, and the west is Boise Gun Club shooting range. No shoes currently appear on any fence post outside of this 2.5-mile stretch. Yes, there are fence posts available, just not utilized.
  • Every single shoe appears on the north side of the road, even though there are fence posts on the south side.
  • So far, the shoes are only human shoes. No horseshoes, Kangaroo shoes, etc.
  • To date, no clown shoes or fancy men’s dress shoes have appeared. (Women’s heels have appeared.)
  • The shoes represent men, women, and children.
  • Not one of them has a bullet hole in them, despite nearly everything in Idaho featuring bullet holes, and the mystery shoes appear between two gun ranges.
  • South of this location and extending east and west are plenty of secret military training sites. Tanks, laser ranges, fake targets that get blown up by A-10 aircraft. Weird stuff goes on out there.

Kuna Mora Road Shoe Mystery Explanations:

  1. The shoes are target practice for the A-10s as they train their lasers on them during nighttime training activities. 
  2. The shoes are all on the north side of the road and most have the shoe toes pointing up. Obviously, some sort of Stonehenge type display. We need astronomers to come out and measure what stars the shoes are pointing at.
  3. The shoes are only between the two gun ranges. Obviously they could be markers indicating a shooter has shot something. Perhaps an animal, a fellow shooter or an A-10.
  4. It is a religious statement. 
  5. Three letters: U.F.O.
  6. It is a secret advertising/marketing stunt to get everyone into shoes before the giant shoe store opens in Boise.
  7. The cows are f’ing with us.

I’ll love to hear your theory.